How to Take Care of you and your family at home during the Coronavirus Outbreak | Central NY Moms

First of all, stay calm. You have to remain calm and strong in front of your kids. And trust me, having four kids its not always easy. Starting out is small: You can do things like sterilize your home. By doing this, it makes me feel less paranoid and its necessary anyway. If you doing want to go to the stores, order canned and frozen food for delivery, and deep-clean your skin with good quality masks that you can unwind at the end of the day with hot tea and turning off the news for a few minutes. I know that’s short lived self care but it does help.

Here of how to take care of yourself, whether you’re self-quarantining or socially distancing, after the initial joy of staying home for a few days wears off.

1. Exercise
If you a have an exercise machine at home, you should be ding some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day — I would go for more. However, if you don’t, it’s time to get creative. Do arm curls with canned food or gallons of water, bust out your yoga mat and put on Youtube, or work on your push ups while watching shows like Beat Bobby Flay.

2. Create a schedule
Make a schedule that includes time slots for tasks like showering, breakfast, online school work for the kids, tablet/TV/reading for the kids, your work, for eating — and stick to it. This may sound crazy but as an entrepreneur and mom of four having a schedule works and holds accountable. Bonus: You will feel a sense of accomplishment!

3. Reconnect with your social circle
Loneliness is not fun. If you like social media, connect with your friends and say hi, see how they are doing and ditch the negative people in your social feed. If you don’t want to hear their negetivity then snooze them for 30 days or unfollow them. If social media isn’t your thing then call your friends and family on the phone or FaceTime them.

4. Read a book
Grab that book on your shelf that you have been meaning to read and carve out time in your schedule to read for an hour. It gives you a break from all the other things. I love a good book, it is theraputic and you can learn something new.

5. Find a new hobby
Want to learn something new? Perhaps cooking? A new language? How about an online certification that will benefit your for your career. Take advantage and utilize your self quarentine. Your future self will thank you. You are home. Use the the time to serve yourself and that can serve others far beyond you.

6. Easy on the booze
Yes that means wine too. Your kids need you more than ever now. Nobody has time for a hangover. Be on point with the kids to make good use of their day to be productive and to show up. They look up to you and are watching you. Have fun without the booze. Not to mention, you have to stay as healthy as possible and hydrated to battle Covid-19 or anything else. Yes, it is five o’clock somewhere, but watch your alcohol intake. Your kids don’t need to be around that. A glass of wine may calm you down in the moment, but it will also dehydrate you in the morning and is a depressant. Your future self will thank you when you wake up the next morning with a clear head.

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